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Open Hearts,  Open Minds,  Open Doors 

A Fresh Wind is Blowing  at Village !!

Village United Methodist Church

Sisters and brothers, grace and peace to you!

My soul is lamenting at the recent events of evil and suffering around us. In the words of a brother, "So many terrible things are happening. It almost feels like too much."

What has brought us to this place of seemingly immeasurable brokenness?

When did evil get this big? (And!) The everlasting question: God why didn't you stop it from happening?.

The Scriptures are choc full with the holy gift of lament. This gift is severely underdeveloped and underappreciated in our modern culture. Yet, the reality of an entire society's pain continues to be a scourge on the human nature and life.

Now is neither the time to fall silent nor to mouth ineffective platitudes.

Now is the time to name the trouble and come before God in holy discontent to make known the desires of our hearts. 

​Pastor Andrea Byer-Thomas